Thursday, 31 October 2013

#FLMobiGame: Our MOOC facilitation team

University of Reading's first MOOC Begin Programming: Build your first mobile game on FutureLearn platform commenced on 28th October 2013. There are almost 10,000 people in the course and already we have seen thousands of posts in the virtual class. This looks like a truly global virtual class with participants from all continents: from Oceania, Europe, South and North Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa. We will be able to share more details of the demographic distribution of our participants when we get the details from FutureLearn.

This being a programming course for beginners and first week dedicated for setting up software, we have so many queries and help requests from our participants. In facilitating our MOOC, we have a fantastic team of student helpers from upper years of the School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading supporting our learners.

Weekly we are meeting on Wednesdays to formulate a plan of activities and to discuss our experience with the MOOC. On our Week 1 meetup  Prof. Shirley Williams, who is overseeing the MOOC, brought us chocolate brownies to make sure we keep our energy levels high :)

I thought it is best to share a group photograph of our fantastic team. I am sure our participants too would like to see who is helping them in the virtual classroom.

(From the left: Front row - Maitreyee, Tharindu (me), Shirley, Agnieszka Second row - Charles, Karsten, Marcus, Alex, Last row - Plamen  and Ravi)

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