Saturday, 5 April 2014

#FLMobiGame - Learner Community

It is the final week of FLMobiGame 2nd run. We got almost 38,000 registered in our course and facilitating this course would have been impossible if it was not for the fantastic support offered by our 'FLMobiGame Alumni' and 2nd run participants, so a great big thank you for all of you.

The platform is being built and not a lot of support is offered for discussions (you know what I mean!). But even with all these limitations our participants took time to read through posts, look at others code (sometimes posted in code sharing sites and sometimes in discussions itself) and support them with their experience, sharing what helped them and in some instances directing them to other posts where similar issues were discussed. Some of our participants created blog posts showing how they enhanced the game for example to introduce sound effects (see Robert Last's blog here while others introduced web resources, books etc that they found useful.

I think we have had great community support in the course. Looking at University of Reading's other Open Online Course data we can see a difference in our course. We as researchers are really interested in exploring how a community forms surrounding a course, what we (the educators) can do to support it effectively, and why some courses seem to have an effective community while others well... don't seem to have that effect.

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