Friday, 20 November 2015

Microsoft Word Comments and Right to left Language Settings

I am collaborating with a researcher from Egypt (yes Omar its you!) and I have noticed that the documents he sends me have a strange language setting - right to left language setting only in the comments. I've tried with Google to find an answer to set it back to the original setting that I normally use (that is left to right) but I couldn't get it working.

With the help from my Microsoft Expert friend Graham, now my document settings are updated to accept both left to right and right to left. I am sharing it here so that it may help someone who is frustrated and searching to solve the mystery of why the comments are working right to left when everything else works left to right.

I am on a Windows 7 and MS Word 2010

Control panel > Region and Language > Change keyboards ...
General tab > Add the keyboard (I added Arabic Egypt Keyboards United Kingdom, US English Table for IBM Arabic 238_L)

Now I can see a tool bar button to have left to right languages and right to left languages.

MS Word tool bar
Now when I see a comment as shown below only allowing me to type right to left 
Right to left language setting in MS Word Comments
I click on the comment and simply go to the tool bar and select the left to right button
Left-to Right setting
Now I can edit the comment with the comfort of left to right language setting.

Left to right setting in MS Word Comments

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