Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Proposal accepted for the World Conference on Online Learning

I was delighted to hear from the conference committee of the World Conference on Online Learning that the proposal we put forward, Online, Flipped, Blended Approach to Apprenticeship Education: A case study of UCEM’s Surveying Technician Diploma is accepted to be presented. Well to be honest, the news came way back but it is not always so straight forward to find funding to travel such a long distance to an expensive city. I am so lucky my employer, University College of Estate Management, is kindly sponsoring us.

The proposal was put together by Nick Moore and myself. Nick is the Dean - Teaching and Learning at University College of Estate Management and had been the chief architect of the new apprenticeship programme blue print developed under the new government apprenticeship education scheme.

In this work we have adopted an action research methodology, something new to me, though I have studied it in my PhD research training. Having not previously written an action research piece, I was delighted to see that  ELESIG's #LERMOOC on EMMA had a whole section dedicated for action research.

The World Conference on Online Learning: Teaching in a Digital Age - Re-thinking Teaching & Learning the 27th International Council for Distance Education's biennial conference. This time it is held 16-19 October 2017 in Toronto, Canada. The conference has five tracks:

  • Emerging Pedagogies and Designs for Online Learning
  • Expanding Access, Openness and Flexibility
  • Changing Models of Assessment
  • New Delivery Tools and Resources for Learning
  • Re-designed Institutional Business Model
and our presentation will be under the track "Re-designed Institutional Business Model". 

Since being a PhD student researching educational technology for distance education, I thought this event was the most prestigious conference in the field of distance and online education. I am delighted that I am able to attend the conference and I look forward to learning and networking opportunity that this event will present: making new links and strengthening already existing links.

Image of Toronto

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