Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Online, Flipped, Blended Approach to Apprenticeship Education

I have been working with Nick Moore, Dean Learning and Teaching at University College of Estate Management (UCEM) on an exciting project, investigating UCEM's new online, flipped, blended approach to apprenticeship education.

The proposal we put forward to the World Conference on Online Learning to present our work was accepted and now we are getting ready for the presentation in Toronto (according to the conference website meaning “meeting place” in Huron Indian), Canada.

As we only have a few minutes to talk about our project, I felt it would be useful to give some background information on the project. Below is a sway presentation I created with some video clips. Here Ashley Wheaton, UCEM Principal, talks about the need for apprenticeship education and why UCEM took up this challenge. You can also hear Lynne Downey, Dean Online Education, talking about the pedagogy behind the approach UCEM took.

Looking through the draft schedule there are lot of interesting sessions with a whopping eleven parallel sessions on Monday afternoon alone! I am looking forward to participating in my first World Conference on Online Learning.

Please maximize the presentation before viewing.

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