Saturday, 2 November 2013

#FLMobiGame: Installation Guide and Corrections

We received lot of comments from our participants asking for a document guide on installation. In response to them we have created this guide (working document) in a hurry and sent the link via email to you on Friday (1st Nov 2013) afternoon. However, there was an error in the URL for downloading Game Framework and two of the screenshots have not been properly converted to PDF from the Word document. We are grateful for the participants for pointing them out to us and we have corrected this working document. However, currently we are unable to upload the document retaining the original URL to the platform so this blog will be used to direct our participants to the correct version of the install/setting up guide.

You can get the latest version of install/setting up guide from here.


  1. Hi, I wish this Guide had been available at the start of the week. Although I have got through this first week successfully it would have saved me a lot of headaches.

    1. Hi Neal, this guide was created as a response to participants' requests. So it took us some time to get it done. Sorry about that, we are all learning from this first MOOC experience.

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