Saturday, 2 November 2013

#FLMobiGame: Sharing Screenshots or images on FutureLearn Beta

At the moment FutureLearn Beta does not support uploading images in comments. However, because of the nature of our MOOC our participants may want to share their screenshots with us especially when we start programming concepts next week and the IDE starts complaining of errors. So we are going to propose a work around for the time being.

We are going to use a website called to store the images and use a link in comments to link to them. This website unlike many other photo sharing sites (such as Flicker) does not require an account. However, they do keep track of IP addresses and can track someone if the uploaded content is inappropriate (or copyright violated). In this blog I am going to describe how to use this site to upload your images and how to link to them in FutureLearn course comments.

Step 1:
Visit website. You should see a screen similar to this: website

Step 2:
Now Select the image to upload using the 'Browse' button.

Select the file to upload
Step 3:
For the purpose of demonstration I am uploading an image file name 'Untitled.JPG'. Once the file is selected you need to declare the image content. Select 'FAMILY safe'. Now click the 'Upload It!' button.

Select image content to upload
Step 4: 
Now you will be taken to a screen similar to this. At this point you are offered the option to create an account. But you do NOT need to create an account.

Copy Direct Link to Clipboard
Step 5: 
Click on the 'Copy to clipboard' button next to the 'Direct Link'. Now the link to your image is copied to the clipboard. When it gets copied for a split second a message is displayed as below.
Copied! Message shown for split second
Step 6:
In the FutureLearn forum where you want to include the image paste this link (CTRL+V) and post the comment.
Making the link available in FutureLearn comment
 Now using this link anyone can access the picture you have uploaded.


  1. Many thanks for these posts Tharindu. They're really helpful.
    Thanks also to you and the team for all your hard work on the course this week.

    1. You are most welcome! and thank you for taking time to leave a reply. :)

    2. Hi Moira, You may have seen (on my blog comments) I contacted Rob regarding researching community forming around a MOOC. As a 'MOOC Alumni' helping the community in the second run we would love to hear your perspective. Would you be interested?

    3. Hi Tharindu
      I'd be happy to help.
      Just let me know what you need - email is moira dot langley at gmail dot com.