Wednesday, 26 February 2014

FLMobiGame Feb 2014 - Frequently Asked Questions

Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game started Monday 24th Feb with over 33,000 participants and this is the second run of the MOOC.

We introduced 'import' method to setup the environment because last time we found 'manual' method was too difficult for many beginners. However, the import can cause errors in some instances. We have identified several solutions to this and here I am linking to an answer for the most common issue.

I get error messages from Eclipse before I run the emulator
When I import the project I get an error saying “MainActivity] Unable to resolve target ‘android-17’
Sometimes the automated import does not work. There are two solutions to this, either
Create a new version of it following the ‘ALTERNATIVE INTRODUCTION TO THE IDE’ step. This should work.
•try to install the Android target that is missing. Start the ‘Android SDK Manager’ (usually a small button underneath the menu in Eclipse) and select and install the appropriate SDK level.
This is explained by one of our Mentors Matthew and I have copied here his response in the forum

"firsly make sure you have opened the SDK Manager (Either through Eclipse via the picture of the Android man inside a phone, or through the SDK Manager.exe inside the folders downloaded, if on Windows) and downloaded the Android API (The latest version is API 19/Android 4.4.2), once this is done inside Eclipse if you right click your project -> properties a window of the properties for the project will appear, click onto the Android tab and within the Project Build Target it should show all the versions of Android installed, make sure The Android 4.4.2 one is ticked (If that is the version you downloaded). Click apply then ok and everything should be working"

Hope this helps

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