Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Visiting UNISA Pretoria - Research & Innovation Week

The University of South Africa, one of the leading open distance learning institution, is hosting a Week long event on Research & Innovation. On Thursday, the 6 March 2014, the Institute for Open and Distance Learning is hosting a symposium on "Innovation in ODL Research Teaching and Learning" focusing on the them “Exploring the potential of MOOCs and OER in enhancing teaching and learning in ODL". I've been invited as a keynote speaker at this event and I am delighted to be back in South Africa. I really enjoyed my last visit September 2013 to Cape Town and I hope Pretoria will be even more exciting.

From http://www.unisa.ac.za/Default.asp?Cmd=ViewContent&ContentID=26180
I plan to talk about MOOCs and developing countries - how they can (or can not) meet learner needs in that part of the world. I will be sharing the latest information in MOOC research I gathered in EMOOCs 2014. I will also look at learner personas to discuss how MOOCs will (or will not) be useful to learners from developing countries.

The session takes place at Senate Hall, Muckleneuk Campus, Preller Street, Muckleneuk, Pretoria and my presentation slides are shared here.

Updated 10th March 2014
News Item about the event can be found here

Unisa’s Research and Innovation week addresses MOOC appeal

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  1. Am based in Johannesburg, unfortunately was unable to attend because of work.
    Next time maybe