Saturday, 15 March 2014

#FLMobiGame: Linking to a Post on FutureLearn Forums

At the moment FutureLearn does not provide functionality to search forums other than the browser search facility. So there are difficulties to locate useful posts in the forums.
As a remedy we have asked our participants to 'like' the post if they found it useful. So that by sorting on likes, useful posts can be found.

I see that in many posts participant's say "I found XXX's post useful" but unfortunately without the ability to search this does not help much. So I thought of doing this blog to show how to provide a 'link' to a useful post in the forums.

(Edit: 1st June 2015)
This is what you can do:

1. Right-click on flag mark  below the post that you want to link to (shown below)
Right-click on flag

2. Now select 'Copy Link Address' from the pop-up menu

3. Paste the link on to the comment you are making
Paste the copied link to your post

4. Now delete the bit at the end of the link that says '/moderation_reports/new'.
Remove '/moderation_reports/new' at the end of the address URL
5. Now post your comment and it will have a link to the post you wanted to link to.


  1. Tharindu - this is very good - and much better than the laborious route that I was using.
    Well done