Thursday, 29 January 2015

#FLMobiGame - Begin Programming migrating to Android Studio

We are delighted to offer Begin Programming: Build your first mobile game on FutureLearn for the fourth time this February. To be precise we start on 16th February 2015. If you have not yet registered, there is still time - here is the registration link. What is more exciting is that we are moving from Eclipes to Android Studio in this run.

Android Studio
This was a change that we wanted to do but we thought we'd do it this summer when there is more time at hand. However, Google's move to make Android Studio the preferred development environment made us bring forward our change.

At the end of the last run (#3) in December 2014 we asked for volunteers to help us test the course. We are delighted to say that the response has been fantastic. Our volunteer testers are as good as or even better than paid testers!!! We are so grateful to all of them who have provided us with their test reports of the new materials.

Look forward to this fourth run, the first we are running with Android Studio. Not long to go...

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