Thursday, 29 January 2015

#FLMobiGame - Finding Screen Resolution

Android Studio has an advanced set of requirements to be met by systems. One of them is the screen resolution. In this blog I am showing how to find screen resolution in various systems.

Window 8.1

Right-click on the Desktop
Select Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution
In this dialog Resolution gives the screen resolution of your system.

Windows 7

Click Start button
Select Control Panel
Under  Display (Microsoft refers to as  'Appearance and Personalization')
Click Adjust resolution

Windows XP

Click Start
Click Control Panel
Click Appearance and Themes
Click Display
On the Settings tab under Screen resolution you will find the screen resolution


Select System Preferences from Apple menu
Click on Displays
A window will appear with your current resolution highlighted, along with other available resolutions.


Open a terminal window (Ctrl + Alt + T)
Type command xdpyinfo | grep dimensions

Alternatively you can
Click on Dash Home
Type resolution
Select Displays
A window will open, there you can see Resolution (have a look at this video).

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